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Journeying through the modern world with ancient ways.

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Some of you who follow me know that I kept other blogs like Papyrus and Pedantry and Musings of a Pseudo-Pagan.  Simply put those blogs no longer exist.  I’ve decided that my writing and my focus needed a massive change, and given my growing satisfaction with wordpress I’d move stuff over here.  However this won’t be a simple moving of my blog posts.  Given the changes in my spiritual and religious growth I feel my blog should reflect more of my journey.  That means there will be updates and revisions that reflect on those posts but add another perspective.  I also plan to sound less like an 18th century author compared to my earlier posts.

If you look around you’ll also find tabs with links to very specific topics, such as my craft posts or holiday posts.  I wanted to make those posts easier to find and access.  Basically I want the posts I feel that could contribute to the Kemetic community to be more upfront than my ramblings.  This coincides with the vision I’ve always had for this blog and I feel it’s possible to refine on this host.

I hope you are as excited about these changes as I am and I also hope you will grow and change with me on the new direction I’m taking.





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