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Budget Thursday: Dishware and Food Offerings


(This is the first in a series I’m calling “Budget Thursday”. It will focus on practicing a Kemetic path on limited funds.)

One of the prominent acts of devotion in a Kemetic faith is in offerings. When it comes to providing food and libations it’s best to have dishware set aside for those purposes. Some people experience difficulty in procuring dishware specifically for ritual use. Here are some ideas to help with such a problem:

Use extra dishes. Own a set of fine china that’s never put to use? Have some ordinary dishes to spare? These are the first places most people look for ritual dishware and the cheapest.

Peruse garage sales. Lots of people try to get rid of their random dishes and dish sets for very low prices, sometimes for pennies!

Peruse thrift stores. It requires more digging than a garage sale, but random dishes are found at low prices as well.

Make a hotep tray. Not only does this handle dishware but it tackles any food issues. For those who don’t know what a hotep tray is can learn more at this link.

The issue of acquiring dishware for offerings is probably less of an issue than acquiring food and libations for offering. Luckily, the Ancient Egyptians also partook in the food and drink offered to the gods, so the issue lessens. There are some things to keep in mind when offering that will also save money.

Offer water. This seems like a “no-brainer” because it is. Water was offered in Ancient Egypt and it’s the cheapest libation in developed countries.

Offer foods in season. Foods that are in season are cheaper.

Offer dried foods, such as fruits. These tend to keep longer and thus easier to store.

Have an offering tray with fake food. I’ve heard of people assembling offerings of wax fruits, decorative breads, and other plastic knick-knack food items as a regular food offering. These people seem to be standing, and quite frankly I don’t see how it’s too different from a hotep tray.

If nothing else, offer around mealtime. Offering the gods foods that you will eat at the table seems not only congruent with ancient practices but also saves money.

2 thoughts on “Budget Thursday: Dishware and Food Offerings

  1. The hotep tray link- I can’t find it :<

    I think these are great ideas for offerings without a lot of money. It can be overwhelming to figure out what to give the gods when you can barely figure out how to feed yourself. I look forward to reading more!

    • Thank you for the kind words; I’ll make a point to put up the hotep tray one next week 🙂 I’m basically going through my old blog posts and adding a new perspective to some of them instead of just the usual blog move.

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