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Craft Friday: Obligatory Natron Recipe

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(Note: This is part of an ongoing series called “Craft Friday” where I will present a craft project that is oriented towards Kemetic paths.)

Natron is a salt that originates from the Nile river.  In Ancient Egypt this was used from drying out a mummy to purification rituals.  Everyone had access to natron since everyone could access the Nile.  I know there are quite a few pages devoted to making your own natron, each one proclaiming to seem like authentic natron. Having never been to Egypt and tried true natron to confirm or deny these claims (don’t expect to see natron for sale worldwide either; it’s illegal to export natron) I’ll keep silent on those claims. I will say I make my own since it’s very easy.

I tend to eyeball the recipe so I don’t have exact amounts.

What You’ll Need:

1 part salt

1 part baking soda


heat-safe bowl


1. Combine salt and baking soda into a heat-safe bowl. Set aside.

2. Boil the water. Add the water to the mixture in the bowl until the mixture dissolves.

3. Let the water evaporate.

As I said it’s a very simple recipe and probably not different than any other recipe out there. My method does take some time to let the water evaporate, so make proper time preparations as well. If you’ve never made natron before also note it will dry into “clumps” or “pellets”. This is ideal and isn’t a problem.

One thought on “Craft Friday: Obligatory Natron Recipe

  1. Thanks for the advice, I’ve been surfing about the webs and found this a great resource for making “natron”. I purchased ingredients today so I’ll blog about my efforts soon 🙂 Cheers!

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