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Advice on Finding a Reiki Teacher

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I am at a master level in Usui Reiki, and while not in any way related to Kemetic beliefs many Pagans do practice it.  I often am asked about the practice and, relevant to this discussion, about teaching.  While at this time I’m not teaching Reiki I’d thought I’d give some pointers so people may find the best teacher for them:

  1. Like any other teacher, check their credentials. In Reiki, this is determined by a lineage. Every Reiki master will have a lineage, so if you request one and they don’t supply it for any reason beware! While examining the lineage, make a point to research the particular Reiki which they practice. Most internet searches will reveal who most of the key masters are in the lineage. If the provided Reiki lineage doesn’t trace back to Mikao Usui or some of the masters are left out, it is best to look elsewhere.
    This isn’t to say, however, the Reiki practice in question will have the exact same people for every person. That is why it’s essential to find out who are the ones who need to show up in the particular Reiki lineage.
    Also, it should be noted that not all energy practices are Reiki practices. Reading the service offered, therefore, is essential if you want specifically Reiki.
  1. Find out how long the teacher has practiced and taught Reiki. Some people find this important, some don’t. I have run into fellow practitioners who have practiced much longer than I have and have much more knowledge and experience. I’ve also run into people who have practiced for a shorter time than I have and have more knowledge and experience than I have. If you find it important and the master doesn’t supply this then ask.
  1. Ask questions about the particular Reiki you want to learn.This, of course, will ultimately depend upon research into the particular Reiki you want to learn. However, there are some basic questions one can ask:
      -What is the history of this particular Reiki?
      -How does this form of Reiki work?
      -How is this system set up?
      -Is this system of Reiki geared towards a particular faith or deity?
  2. Find a Reiki teacher who best fits your learning style. This may be the hardest part of all the tips I give. This also means asking questions about a teacher’s teaching style.From my experience some teachers will simply attune then hand over a manual, some attune then teach in a lesson format, and some will only attune when you fully understand the material. If the teacher in question can’t teach in a way suitable for your lifestyle, naturally you need to look elsewhere to find a teacher.

If nothing else, I hope some of these tips help provide some groundwork for those who are currently searching for a Reiki teacher. Only you can truly decide how to look for the right Reiki teacher and who is best suited to teach you the energy system.

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