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Craft Friday: Clayboard Hotep Tray


I have in my ancestor shrine a hotep tray made of clayboard. I chose clayboard because it was durable and what I had available at the time. I’m positive other media is useable for the hotep tray. Clayboard is available at craft stores as well as the carving tools. I didn’t use the carving tools and used a sharp knife instead.


What You’ll Need:

1 clayboard

1 piece of chalk

1 clayboard carving tool

1 ruler (optional)

1. Use the chalk and ruler (if needed) to trace a border. The clayboard I used is 5 x 7 inches with a border of 3/8 inches.

2. Use the carving tool and lightly follow the chalk markings. Carve. Note: don’t carve too deep. The clayboard isn’t that deep and will only reveal the particle board underneath.


3. This could technically be part of step 4, but I chose to chalk out my straw mat on the hotep tray…

…then I carved it out with my chalkboard carving tool.

4. Use the chalk to design the hotep tray accordingly, using the ruler as needed. If you need some ideas for your hotep tray follow this link.  Carve.

I didn’t fully carve out the trough on the tray because the clayboard isn’t very deep and felt it wasn’t necessary. I also didn’t seal it because I haven’t found a decent sealant I like. If there’s one you recommend please tell me so in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Craft Friday: Clayboard Hotep Tray

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  2. I feel a little like a butthead, but what is the use of a Hotep Tray?

  3. A hotep tray is an offering tray used in Ancient Egypt. Most of the ones I’ve seen like this are found in tombs, but the offering trays were used to hold offerings for the dead and the gods.

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