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A New Perspective: Simplicity

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I have a tendency to clean up my life in the autumn as opposed to the springtime. I clean out my occult items, try to finish craft projects or get rid of them (sometimes both), and I may even get some very needed housework completed. I get rid of the things I no longer need in my life. When I first wrote this blog post I was cleaning and reminded of the phrase bouncing around the Neo-Pagan community: live simply so others may simply live.

When I first heard the phrase about living in simplicity I found it trite. In many ways I still feel it is. I feel it’s oversimplifying a very complex problem of sustainability on one level. As life progressed as well as my studies I felt differently. I realized I was focused too much on the material things and took the phrase in a more spiritual direction. I examined how living a simple spiritual life would impact it: what if I focused more on offerings instead of how to beautify my shrine? What if I focused more on being the type of person worthy of approaching a god rather than my offerings? I explored them and found the answers for myself.

I found that beyond the shrine, beyond what I offered the gods, there was the point of religion for me: to find a way through the world that pulled alongside the gods is what mattered most to me. What good is the prettiest shrine with the most delectable offerings if the person offering them was foul in every way imaginable? I realized living simply for me meant I needed to keep my practice basic. For me that simplicity was based on being a decent person and provide offerings to Het-Hert (for those not familiar with the name, it’s one of the ways to say Hathor’s name in Ancient Egyptian). The knowledge of holidays and rituals would come in its own time with the work I invested in it. I’ve come to find that research as a way of honoring Het-Hert as well. When I’m not researching I’m cleaning house figuratively and literally.

As I finish this blog post I’m using up the last of some beads on a menat, a type of necklace also used as a ritualistic rattle. I’m using beads that I’ve owned for some time and only take up space. I’m not sure what will become of the menat itself, though it will most likely take up space until I finally gift it or get rid of it in some other fashion. It will probably end up as some craft instruction I write up as well. One thing I found in my strive for simplicity is how things streamline. I personally like the order that comes from those moments.


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