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Budget Thursday: Aspersion Tools

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In Ancient Egypt the priests not only offered food, drink, and incense to the gods. They also provided many toiletries for the god, including bathing. However in this day many people who want to reconstruct the Ancient Egyptian rituals tend to include the aspersion jars, one called a nemset jar and another called a deshret jar. These can be quite easy to acquire, creativity depending. If you use aspersion tools in your ritual I’d love to hear in the comments your suggestions for penny-saving on these tools.

 Consider tea sets. While I don’t necessarily mean children’s playsets (though I’ve seen people use them), I do mean at least consider the creamer and sugar bowl.

 Make your own. This is probably the cheapest and easiest to do with clay that dries in the oven. This can be purchased at craft stores.

 Discount stores, the old standby. Well, it’s my standby. Discount stores offer lots of dishware at very low prices, and if choosiness isn’t your prerogative there are plenty of options.

 Use what’s available. Sometimes it isn’t possible to use anything else. If all that’s available are the coffee mugs in the cabinet, then it’s all that’s available and that’s fine.

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