Upholding Ma'at

Journeying through the modern world with ancient ways.

Craft Friday: Djed Pillar Card

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I meant to have another tutorial up for today, but time got away from me and it isn’t ready.  Instead I’m going to show a very blurry card I made based off an idea to use paint chip samples I found on pinterest.


I’m not showing a step-by-step because all I did was glue some papyrus onto a card (I glued it down and cut around it.  And, yes, I do have papyrus lying around), cut out the shapes from the paint chips, and then glued them on to the papyrus.  After it dried I dipped a q-tip into some gold acrylic paint and rubbed it along the yellow parts of the pillar, which didn’t show up in the photo.  It’s pretty simple and just in time for Kha-Her-Ka.

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