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The Ninefold Purification: Does Anyone Know What It Is?

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I was reading the Book of the Heavenly Cow and I came across instructions that mentions “the ninefold purification”.  My internet search has failed me on trying to find what exactly this is (unless I delve in Buddhisim, but I’m pretty sure that’s not it), let alone how it’s different from any other purification.   Otherwise the other source I’m finding comes from Budge, and I don’t trust that all too much.

All that it mentions is it lasts three days in the Heavenly Cow.  Does anyone have any other information on this or where I could find it?


One thought on “The Ninefold Purification: Does Anyone Know What It Is?

  1. Greetings and Hotep I too have been researching this obscure purification method and this is what I believe it is saying…the ninefold purification by three days I believe is a mathematical formula that should be multiplied like 9×3 which gives you twenty seven days, it says if it be recited by Thoth to ra it should written on a green scribe which I take to mean this purification should be one done by abstinence and green herbs and vegetables. The first idea that came to mind was its similarity to what the Christian bible terms the Daniel fast which is 21 days of eating fruits and vegetables. I hope this helps as I am still uncovering the exact meaning of this passage myself Hotep!!!

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