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Budget Thursday: Shrine

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I know for this particular idea there must be a million and a half blogs that address this problem. Just the same I figured I’d address it because there are other reasons to be economical about shrines apart from financial ones. Someone may live in a space that doesn’t warrant a permanent shrine (I’ve seen this one more often than finances), or someone travels too much for a proper shrine, or a shrine may be too ostentatious and problematic for roommates / family / etc., and so on. Those thoughts in mind I think there are a few tips I can give.

-Make a portable shrine. There are several tutorials and displays of portable shrines that someone can get ideas of how to create their own. I have one I made from a free meter pouch.

-Use available furniture. This is a given, but one worth repeating. I’ve seen some folks use the top of a bookcase, book shelves, added shelving to walls, cabinets, end tables, and more.

-Make one your computer. As silly as it sounds, if one has the concentration or the discipline it’s possible to make a shrine space on the computer. I’ve seen this accomplished as a desktop or as a picture. I’ve also seen something along the lines of…

-Make a cyber shrine. Some people have created websites, some have used their blogs, and some use game accounts to set up a shrine space. The same ideas of concentration apply as before.

-Get inventive, let go of your idea of how a shrine “should” look. Just like the portable shrines this doesn’t have to be intense, just have the basics. I have a portable shrine made from a meter pouch, but once had one from a cigarillo tin. The shrine that currently houses my Het-Hert statue was once a stand up jewelery box. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or impressive. It needs to be a sacred space.

I’m sure these ideas also apply in many ways for those who have altars instead of shrines, which works for those who may be Egyptian Pagan or Tameran Wiccan. The biggest note to make is what works best for you and your life.


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