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Craft Friday: Wedding Heart Ornaments

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I found on a pinterest a link to this blogger’s craft  and it really stood out to me. I thought the ornament was really cute and would work for some decorations of my own, namely decorating for the Feast of the Beautiful Reunion. Sadly, I am not as talented as the blogger and didn’t make mine from steel. I actually stretched out some old paperclips and bent them into a heart shape with needle-nosed pliers.


I had some seed pearls laying around from a previous project so I wrapped them around the heart with some nylon beading thread. Clearly, beading isn’t my strong suit…


In addition to wrapping beads around the heart I added a strand of beads and doves from another project. This hangs in the middle. I tied bows for a couple of the hearts and used a smaller bow from a previous project for the heart in the middle.  I decided to add bells left over from another project onto the ties. I used left over ribbon from the other hearts to tie them hearts together.

I don’t have a tutorial of this since it was just my rendition of someone’s project rather than inspired by their project. I’m not sure what I’ll do with the ornaments from here, but I’m sure it will come to me. I’ll probably use it as part of another decoration.


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