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Craft Friday: Paper Pockets

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After trying to follow a nice box project only for it to go horribly awry I decided to try my hand at other projects on my Pinterest board.  I tried my hand at making some of the pockets from a tutorial on a mini pocket album.  Quite frankly I’m more pleased with the results of this than with a video tutorial that requires half of the video on pre-creasing and then manages to leave out vital steps (I will have a tutorial sometime that demonstrates why planning your projects is vital, and doubly so for tutorials).  Here’s how it turned out:



If you looked at the link you’ll notice I didn’t stitch the pockets together.  That’s because I don’t feel like it.  Despite the fact it looks like crumpled paper and I didn’t bind the pockets I have to say I like how it looks.  I’ll have to see if I can translate this to a few pockets on book covers for the next few bookbinding projects.

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