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Slaying the Demon-Serpent : The Heka of Mindfulness and the Execration of Fear

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Another thoughtful look at faith and anxiety.

Shadows of the Sun

DISCLAIMER : I will be discussing mental health in the following passages — namely, my living with and working to overcome an anxiety disorder. While my father is an LCSW R, I am not a professional within the field of Psychology and Social Work myself. The paraphrasing of my father that follows is NOT a substitute for case assessment and/or treatment of the reader by a licensed mental health professional. If the reader has unresolved mental health complications, the reader is strongly advised to seek out professional help of their own, in-person, if they have not done so already. Neither my father nor I will be responsible for any injuries resulting from self-diagnosis, self-medication, or any other form of misinformed, ill-advised recklessness on the part of the reader.

I am an anxiety sufferer. I’ve always been something of an anxious person, one very prone to existentialist thought-crises. The…

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