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Craft Friday: Yet Another Envelope Project

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I’m sure you guys get tired of my scrapbooking projects. That’s OK I sort of tie this to a ritual book I have for the Feast of the Beautiful Reunion. I decided on a project where it looked like something of a wedding invitation but reveals much more. This didn’t end up as quite the awesome tutorial as I had hoped (always have a practice run, folks!), but at least I covered it up well enough.

I started by creating an envelope from some cardstock. You can learn how here. I added an embellishment which could double as a seal.  I haven’t glued down anything.


I marked with a pencil where I intend to cut a slot for the bracket…


And subsequently found I aimed too low. I remarked it, cut accordingly, and used some scraps to cover my mistake. I’ll cover it further with some outside decorations later.

After gluing the back of the envelope onto a scrapbook page I decorated the inside. Basically I made it look thrown together (OK, it was thrown together) because I wanted to focus on the theme of preparing for a wedding.   My experience has been most preparations for weddings are chaotic, anyway.  I’ll add more to it over time.


The outside I kept pretty simple. As for the botched hole I tried to patch up? I used a strategically placed sticker to soften the botched job.


I know this project was pretty simple and unimpressive, but it was a nice idea and deviates from my block arrangement for pages.


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