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My Kemetic Inspirational

Formerly called “devotionals” I felt I was overdue for a name change.  The Ancient Egyptians didn’t have devotionals because they didn’t have a religious text that proscribed or condoned behaviors.  In other words, they didn’t have a book or two to tell them how the gods wanted them to behave.

Even though the Ancient Egyptians didn’t have much when it came to accessible texts on personal conduct contemporary Kemeticists have extrapolated from various texts, including the 42 Negative Confessions.  This is just my personal take on some of the passages and may or may not pull from academic sources.  In other words, this is just my interpretation of things.  Take it or leave it.

The 42 Negative Confessions

All translations of the negative confessions comes from R.O. Faulkner’s Book of the Dead from Barnes and Noble publishing (hey, don’t judge me) and this document.

  1. I have done no falsehood.
  2. I have not robbed.
  3. I have not been rapacious.
  4. I have not stolen.
  5. I have not killed men.
  6. I have not destroyed food supplies.
  7. I have done no crookedness.
  8. I have not stolen the god’s offerings.
  9. I have not told lies.
  10. I have not taken food.
  11. I have not been sullen.
  12. I have not transgressed.
  13. I have not killed a sacred bull.
  14. I have not committed perjury.
  15. I have not stolen bread.
  16. I have not eavesdropped.
  17. I have not babbled.
  18. I have not disputed my own property.
  19. I have not committed homosexuality.
  20. I have not misbehaved.
  21. I have not made terror.
  22. I have not transgressed.
  23. I have not been hot-tempered.
  24. I have not been deaf to words of truth.
  25. I have not made disturbance.
  26. I have not hoodwinked.
  27. I have neither misconducted myself nor copulated with a boy.
  28. I have not been neglectful.
  29. I have not been quarrelsome.
  30. I have not been unduly active.
  31. I have not been impatient.
  32. I have not washed out [the picture of] a god.
  33. I have not been voluble in speech.
  34. I have done no wrong, I have seen no evil.
  35. I have not made conjuration against the king.
  36. I have not waded in water.
  37. I have not been loud voiced.
  38. I have not reviled a god.
  39. I have not been puffed up.
  40. I have not made distinction for myself.
  41. I am not wealthy except with my own property.
  42. I have not blasphemed the god of my city.

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  1. You should cross-post this to Pagan Devotionals, C!

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