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Craft Friday…Well, Not Really

I have a horrible secret.  I’ve let my artistic skills go.  The current banner is a huge testament to how far I’ve let them go.  Just the same I’ve gotten back on my painting saddle in hopes I could finish a painting I started years ago.  I know some of you are already cringing and wondering why on earth I’d bother with such a horrible idea (for what it’s worth I used acrylics then and now).  I assure you after salvaging the painting I’m wondering why I bothered as well.

I made another horrible mistake in talking about my project (humor me) on facebook.  People grew curious and asked for photos.  After a bit of thought I figured I’d comply, only to find my batteries in my camera died.  While the batteries recharged I worked a little more on my salvage.  In time, spilt acrylic paint, and two charged batteries later I found a satisfactory stopping point.  I’ve decided to take a picture and show the world my work-in-progress, though honestly it should be a “throw-in-the-towel already”.


I decided to keep up the tradition of cropped, blurry, out of focus pictures at Upholding Ma’at with this unveiling.  It is a picture of Het-Hert where I depict Her in the form of the Celestial Cow.  I decided to use a part of the arm of the Milky Way to further convey this point.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the painting once it’s finished.  I may stuff it somewhere, embarrassed by my poor skill.  Maybe I can auction it off for more funds for craft projects and for upcoming books.  Perhaps I could donate it for some worthy cause, like preserving bad art for future generations.  I may paint over it and start again.

I think I shouldn’t deviate from my stick drawings anymore and leave it to the professionals.