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Craft Friday: Linen Amulet Necklace

It’s nearing the epagomenal days for Kemeticists.  I’ll have a few upcoming posts that explain it in better detail, but it was a time that served as a transition between the previous year and the upcoming one.  While it was a time of renewal they were considered dangerous as well.  It was a time when Sekhmet and Her demons would emerge and try to destroy mankind.

During the epagomenal days the Ancient Egyptians wore an amulet to protect themselves. This amulet is made from a strip of linen and contained the image of various gods and 12 knots. Each day from the end of the year until the first a spell was recited over the necklace to grant protection. Naturally I made one for myself so I may practice accordingly.

My rendition of the amulet is shown below. I didn’t have any white linen and didn’t feel bleaching the fabric was a good idea, so I ran with it to the best of my ability. I decided on the 12 knots in the manner I did because it mimics cloth beads.


In an effort to save on cloth and length (I don’t like very lengthy necklaces) I painted the images of the gods on both sides of each piece. I lined each piece with a ribbon as trim.



As the pieces dried I poked a hole through each end wide enough for a jump ring.

If you’re curious about how I discerned which gods ended up on the amulet and other information about these amulets (including the spell to recite) I use this passage.