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New Year, Take Two

Tuesday morning I observed Wep Ronpet, and how I managed to not burn down the house is a mystery to me.  Almost everything that could go wrong did.  Water spills, incense not lighting, candles not lighting that should have, natron spilling, cascading statues– or maybe they were jumping ship–you name it.  I’ve had bad rituals before.  Anyone who has been on this type of path has at least one bad ritual.  Mishaps are common.  This bad ritual took the cake and a good chunk of my patience.  That wasn’t the worst part.

The grand finale came after all my rituals.  A cup of coffee I had on my craft desk got knocked over.  Almost everything got drenched on top of the desk, my cellphone in a compartment got hit (after a day in rice it works again), books ruined, and all I could do was stare.  The only silver lining is my computer’s harrowing escape from the coffee inundation and how no library books were in the flood plain.  When I found my cellphone wasn’t working right  and have to listen to family call me a loser behind my back.   I lost it and was too exhausted to care.  I’m self-soothing as I type.

It’s funny because I had originally intended to write about starting a new stage of life, about something to anticipate.  I’m not going to lie and say these events put a huge damper on it.  I was going to write about the new hopes for employment, or at least my etsy store taking off.  Either way being able to pay my bills would be nice for a change.  I’m angry and out of patience at this point with everyone and everything.  After some poor sleep and a failed attempt to improve my mood (though chocolate and hugs helped a bunch) I decided to examine my emotional exhaustion.  These past few years have been very unkind to me in almost every way and is only compounded by my anxiety disorder.  Trying to create a peaceful life has been a challenge, and one that sometimes I can’t meet.  Days like this one really strike a blow to trying to live a peaceful life.

On days where I fall flat on my face all I can do it get up.  I pull out the proverbial toolkit and examine the situation.  I understand I reacted the way I did not just to a ritual gone awry or the coffee inundation.  I’ve found after some contemplation that like my views on grief, I find stress is cumulative.  I’m not stressing about coffee inundations alone.  I’m stressing about everything going on in my life and my focus was that stressor.


Craft Friday…Well, Not Really

I have a horrible secret.  I’ve let my artistic skills go.  The current banner is a huge testament to how far I’ve let them go.  Just the same I’ve gotten back on my painting saddle in hopes I could finish a painting I started years ago.  I know some of you are already cringing and wondering why on earth I’d bother with such a horrible idea (for what it’s worth I used acrylics then and now).  I assure you after salvaging the painting I’m wondering why I bothered as well.

I made another horrible mistake in talking about my project (humor me) on facebook.  People grew curious and asked for photos.  After a bit of thought I figured I’d comply, only to find my batteries in my camera died.  While the batteries recharged I worked a little more on my salvage.  In time, spilt acrylic paint, and two charged batteries later I found a satisfactory stopping point.  I’ve decided to take a picture and show the world my work-in-progress, though honestly it should be a “throw-in-the-towel already”.


I decided to keep up the tradition of cropped, blurry, out of focus pictures at Upholding Ma’at with this unveiling.  It is a picture of Het-Hert where I depict Her in the form of the Celestial Cow.  I decided to use a part of the arm of the Milky Way to further convey this point.

I’m not sure what I’ll do with the painting once it’s finished.  I may stuff it somewhere, embarrassed by my poor skill.  Maybe I can auction it off for more funds for craft projects and for upcoming books.  Perhaps I could donate it for some worthy cause, like preserving bad art for future generations.  I may paint over it and start again.

I think I shouldn’t deviate from my stick drawings anymore and leave it to the professionals.




Horus Jesus Meme

I’m sure if my readers haven’t been subjected to the woefully inaccurate film Zeitgeist they’ve encountered the people who believe this.  In Kemetic circles this is mostly in the Jesus is really Horus (specifically Heru-Sa-Aset) myth.  It’s annoying because it’s been long disproven, and seems to originate from a 19th century poet whose interest was in Ancient Egypt.  Given the  information available at the time it’s sufficient to assume the information is completely off the mark.  I find it mostly annoying because there are people who still assert this information even in the day where more accurate information is available.  Even google has a feature to search academic sources.  Another blogger, warboar, covered the issue pretty well and with others made a meme about it to demonstrate the absurdity of this connection.  I enjoy it so much I wanted to play along.

I used quickmeme for my captions, so if you want to add a few feel free.  Here are my favorites: