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Craft Friday: Three Piece Plaque Banner

I really like wall hangings for holiday decorations. They’re fairly easy to make and you can tailor them for most holidays. When I saw a cute wall hanging on pinterest I was inspired to make my own for Wep Ronpet. I ended up using chipboard for this because I acquired a whole bunch of it. If you end up using a different material (like wood) you will have to adjust the tutorial accordingly (wood works best with screw eyes for this project as opposed to eyelets).



  • 3 chipboard pieces, 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches
  • 10 1/16 scrapbooking eyelets
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • ribbon
  • beading wire, 26 gauge
  • needlenose pliers
  • jewelery wire cutters
  • eyelet setter
  • decoupage sealant
  • scissors

1.  Measure 1 3/4 inch on both sides of the chipboard and mark. Repeat on the bottom. I made a mark too close to the edge, so I used a pen to mark where I felt it would be better placed.


2.  Insert eyelets and use the eyelet setter per directions. TIP: Some great online instructions for using an eyelet setter can be found here.


Repeat the first two steps on the second chipboard. Only make holes on the top of the third one.


3.  Decorate the panels. After the paint dries apply a coat of decoupage sealant.


I decorated the panels with the hieroglyphs for the Wep Ronpet holiday (thanks to the wonderful head of Per Djeba for helping me with this) followed by a picture of Harsomtus, only I didn’t have space for the headdress (next time I’ll plan better). For some reason I couldn’t center anything to save my life.

4.  Take the beading wire and cut out 2 pieces, roughly3-5 inches. Take the second panel and make a loop with the wire between the bottom top panel and the top second panel. Twist the ends together and trim the excess. Repeat this process between the second and third panel. TIP: Beading also works instead of ribbons, or jazz it up with both. Just remember to string the beads before tying up the ends, and if adding ribbon as well leave space to tie it.


5.  Tie ribbons on the loops made.


6.  Thread some ribbon through the top holes. Tie a knot at each end in the back.


There are many ways to get creative with this, such as using beads and beading wire in lieu of ribbon. Show off your banner in the comments.

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Craft Friday: Papyrus Blossom Wall Hanging

For some reason I love to decorate for Kha-her-Kha.  I have various decorations, but this one is particularly my favorite.  Granted I’m sure if you squint your eyes really hard  after downing a few shots of vodka my papyrus blossoms look like the real thing, but I also like the folksy charm of this style.


I’m including in this tutorial how to make a wall hanging if you wish to sew instead of use decoupage glue.  As with anything else feel free to change it up and share the pictures with me.

What You’ll Need:

-green cloth 3 x 3 inches (note: don’t use felt like I did for this tutorial.  I’ve found cotton works best.)


-small cup of water

-2 paintbrushes (I prefer to use one for painting and one for sealing. If you want to try something else, go for it. Just remember to keep the brush clean and wash it thoroughly.)

-decoupage sealant / glue

-Acrylic paint in the colors of:




-ribbon, 4 feet

-thread and needle (if using sewing option)

Papyrus Blossoms

1. Fold the cloth diagonally. If smaller triangles are desired fold again. Cut.

2. Round the corners.

3. Paint with the yellow acrylic paint vertical stripes. Let dry.

4. Paint a horizontal yellow stripe across the top. Let dry.

5. Paint over the yellow stripes with the gold acrylic paint. Let dry.

6. Paint the bottom tip with brown acrylic paint. Let dry.

7. Apply a coat of the decoupage sealant. Let dry.

The Ribbon, to Glue on Blossoms

1. Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise.

2. Take the folded end of the ribbon and hold it.   Make a mark 3 inches down.

3 .Make 3 more marks, one roughly every 4 inches.

4. Apply glue to the blossom’s center;

place the blossom on the mark. Let dry.

Repeat with the other blossoms.


The Ribbon, to Sew on Blossoms

1. Fold the ribbon in half lengthwise.

2. Take the folded end of the ribbon and hold it. Make a square knot roughly 3 inches down.

3 .Make 3 more knots, one roughly every 4 inches.

4.  Sew the tip of the blossom onto the know and sew the top of the blossom onto the ribbon.  Repeat at each knot.