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PBP: G Is for Growth


I’ve been working on this post for some
time, and because of circumstances in my life have taken some time to post.  More on that in a moment…

This particular post was inspired by a friend who performed a Tarot reading for me about my life.  He pulled only one card, partly because he was still learning the cards and partly because I didn’t want to be much trouble.  He drew The Empress.  The short of a long was since my break up the reading indicated I had nowhere to go but up.  It was a time to grow, and grow is what I’ve done.

In March I started a six month temp job where I often worked 50 hours a week.  Even though the job has been stressful and led to some immense weight gain it allowed for me to plant the seeds for a new life.    I have a personal bank account again, I have my own cellphone and account to go with it,and I have the means to replace things I lost to my ex.  I also have the means to streamline more things in my life.

I rarely have a chance to sit in front of my computer due to my job.  This blog and other things suffered for that reason.  I realized recently how much my work on this blog is tied to my devotion to my shrine.  The less time I spent on writing, the less time I had for Het-Hert.  I got tired of that and finally downloaded some apps as a solution.  In providing myself the means to grow financially I realized I neglected other parts of my life.

While I hope this plan will strengthen my religious practice I hope it will strengthen my spiritual and personal growth.  If I’ve learned nothing from my job about myself,  it’s how much I lack in self-confidence.  One way I lack in self-confidence is with the language disorder I have.  It’s part of the reason why it takes so long for me to write.  In dowloading the wordpress app I have to trust in my writing abilities more.  Does that mean I’ll have moments of atrocious grammar, incoherent ideas, or malapropisms more often?  Yes.  All I can do is learn from it.

Trusting in my abilities or my financial growth aren’t the only things growing in my life.  My integrity is growing too.  In devoting myself to only Het-Hert and my personal growth I have strengthened and redrawn my boundaries.  While they aren’t perfect, it provided the strength I needed to stand up to my ex when he thought he could waltz back into my life and demand a Reiki attunement.  It provided me with the strength I needed to distance myself from him when afterwards he messaged me to tell me he had a new girlfriend.  That same strength provided insight and confrmation of my suspicions about his intentions, as well as the means to comfort myself.

The growth has provided much in terms of regeneration.  People who’ve known me for years are seeing the “old me” return.  For me, the old me consists of accomplishing things quickly.  It also meant being able to stand my ground, incredible spiritual insight, a sense of adventure, a desire to create, just to name a few traits.  When I felt pain I sought comfort in Het-Hert and trusted friends like I used to do.  I’ve even considered becoming a priestess for Het-Hert given how I much I feel She’s aided me. 

If the coffee flood was indicative of my previous year based on growth through destruction, then this year will be marked by my determination.  This year when I performed my rituals for Wep Ronpet just about every possible distraction came up, including a thunderstorm .  Not only did this fail to deter me, but I felt the weather complimented my resolve.  Nothing and no one was going to stop me.  It is a sentiment I find pervasive in my life in recent months and continues even now.

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Craft Friday: Three Piece Plaque Banner

I really like wall hangings for holiday decorations. They’re fairly easy to make and you can tailor them for most holidays. When I saw a cute wall hanging on pinterest I was inspired to make my own for Wep Ronpet. I ended up using chipboard for this because I acquired a whole bunch of it. If you end up using a different material (like wood) you will have to adjust the tutorial accordingly (wood works best with screw eyes for this project as opposed to eyelets).



  • 3 chipboard pieces, 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 inches
  • 10 1/16 scrapbooking eyelets
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paint
  • paintbrush
  • ribbon
  • beading wire, 26 gauge
  • needlenose pliers
  • jewelery wire cutters
  • eyelet setter
  • decoupage sealant
  • scissors

1.  Measure 1 3/4 inch on both sides of the chipboard and mark. Repeat on the bottom. I made a mark too close to the edge, so I used a pen to mark where I felt it would be better placed.


2.  Insert eyelets and use the eyelet setter per directions. TIP: Some great online instructions for using an eyelet setter can be found here.


Repeat the first two steps on the second chipboard. Only make holes on the top of the third one.


3.  Decorate the panels. After the paint dries apply a coat of decoupage sealant.


I decorated the panels with the hieroglyphs for the Wep Ronpet holiday (thanks to the wonderful head of Per Djeba for helping me with this) followed by a picture of Harsomtus, only I didn’t have space for the headdress (next time I’ll plan better). For some reason I couldn’t center anything to save my life.

4.  Take the beading wire and cut out 2 pieces, roughly3-5 inches. Take the second panel and make a loop with the wire between the bottom top panel and the top second panel. Twist the ends together and trim the excess. Repeat this process between the second and third panel. TIP: Beading also works instead of ribbons, or jazz it up with both. Just remember to string the beads before tying up the ends, and if adding ribbon as well leave space to tie it.


5.  Tie ribbons on the loops made.


6.  Thread some ribbon through the top holes. Tie a knot at each end in the back.


There are many ways to get creative with this, such as using beads and beading wire in lieu of ribbon. Show off your banner in the comments.