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Craft Friday: Decorated Eggs



I made this craft last year, but I felt with the spring equinox upon us I could share my rendition of this craft.  Obviously I went for an Ancient Egyptian theme so I could use them around a Kemetic holiday.


I used paper mâche eggs in lieu of real ones and an image from an Egyptian stamp.  I also added a bit gold acrylic paint to add some contrast to all the green acrylic paint.

I hope others give this project a try, and I’d love to see the results.

2 thoughts on “Craft Friday: Decorated Eggs

  1. Is the gold-tone spray paint? I love the colors, the idea of craft day Fridays is really neat too.

    • The gold is actually acrylic paint. It was sort of weird how it came out because I was trying it out with a smaller brush, and the paint itself streaked. If I make any more I’m considering a wider brush.

      I’m also glad you enjoy my craft posts. Hopefully there will be more when I can post regularly again.

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