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A Blog Award


I received a blog award the other day.  Well, it was actually months ago but I’ve been behind on things.  I got this blog award, and I must fulfill some things as part of the stipulatuon (though I’m not sure that’s an award as much as a chain letter-type thing).  On that note here I go.

1.  List the rules. 

2.  Thank the nominator.  Thank you, K.M.H., for nominating me.  It is always wonderful when I can impact my readers meaningfully.  It is through this impact and support I feel inspired to keep my blog going.

3.  State seven facts about me.

     1)  Even though I state I have an anxiety disorder I was specifically diagnosed with PTSD.  I don’t like to go into the nature of my disorder because I don’t want people to get so distracted by it they miss the message I want to convey.  I don’t want to hear about how managing my illness “makes me a strong person” or how I “need to get over it” and other well-meaning, but damaging phrases.  I write about how my religious practice has enhanced my life, managing my mental health issues included.

     2)  I have been a Kemeticist for 10 years as of May.  I am only reminded because I found my old journals.

     3)  I have many art and writing projects to work on.  One draft of a chapbook is near completion.  I will most likely be dissatisfied with said chapbook.

     4)  I have fallen in love with a local beer called Hathor’s Sweet Brown.  While one reason is obvious, it’s also a nice tasting beer.  It is highly unlikely they brewed it through the Ancient Egyptian method.

     5)  Despite being engaged before I have no desire to marry, nor do I desire  to have children.  This has led to interesting encounters, including someone who claimed God “wants me to have children,”  or some weird phrase implying I’m defective for not wanting those things.

     6)  During my 20’s I was asked to run two spiritual centers and bugged constantly to become priestess.  I don’t regret turning down the spiritual centers or the role of priestess (I felt even then I was too green for either).  I do, however, feel a little more ready to become a priestess these days.

     7)  I’m not photogenic at all.  I’ve been kicked out of group photos by photographers because I’m so terrible looking in photos.

4.  Nominate 15 other blogs.  Sadly, this is where I break the rules.  Of all the active blogs I know the few who would partcipate have already been nominated.